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"Ruby Makeup Academy is a company with the heart and passion to change lives. We believe within every person is the power, passion and potential to be, have, or create whatever they want. Our mission is to help them live it... Starting with you!"
Ruby Polanco - Makeup Artist and President of Ruby Makeup Academy
Ruby Makeup Academy is here to help you reach your goals of becoming a certified makeup artist. The makeup and beauty industry offers so many opportunities for creative, unique individuals just like you to make their mark on the world! Let Ruby Makeup Academy help you learn practical makeup skills and techniques for achieving success in this growing field.
We offer courses in:
Makeup Artistry
Beauty Business Summit
Makeup Classes En Español
Hollywood Experience
Hair Design Class
Airbrush Class
Bridal Master Class
Intro FX Makeup
Advanced FX Makeup
As part of a great education, we remind our students and grads that artists must never stop learning and growing, by providing them with free continuing education workshops.

Our goal is to guide Ruby girls and boys on their journey to a great career, while they attend Ruby Makeup Academy and even after they graduate.
Ruby Makeup Academy strives to provide the best beauty education and tools to help you succeed as a makeup artist. Our friendly and experienced instructors will provide you with a fantastic education and a great learning environment, inside of our clean state of the art studios.

Our course materials are constantly being updated to keep up with new trends in makeup and fashion so you have the ability to keep up with the always changing industry. Upon completing their education with Ruby Makeup Academy, grads become a part of our unique internship program that provides opportunities to work on magazine shoots, movie sets, music videos, celebrity filled events, and much more!

A beautiful you. A beautiful life.

The Ruby Makeup Academy empowers aspiring makeup artists to get the professional training they need in order to live the life they want.

Students get expert training from top industry professionals, which separates academy graduates from any other aspiring makeup artist.

The Ruby Makeup Academy teaches the cutting edge, in demand, makeup skills, techniques and trends as well as the business side of the industry. This comprehensive and unique educational experience dives graduates the skills to pursue the career they desire and create the life they have always wanted.

Because when one feels confident, they can accomplish extraordinary things.

The Ruby Makeup Academy is dedicated to providing an avenue for aspiring makeup artists to learn the very best from the very best, no matter their financial situation.

This creates an opportunity for anyone willing to become a makeup artist, and in turn, pursue the career of their dreams and live the life they have always wanted.
We offer a comprehensive class and educational package for you to become a Pro Beauty Make-Up Artist in Los Angeles.
As a makeup artist, you have the power to make people feel confident and beautiful. You have the power to transform what beauty means. To transform lives.
And here's the best part. It will transform your life as well.
Work with Hollywood stars, or create a Hollywood monster
Work for a Magazine, a TV Show or Fashion Week from LA to NYC
Build your own business or be an Instagram celebrity
Be a role model, be wealthy, give back. Pay it forward. The possibilities are truly limitless.
A beautiful you. A beautiful life.
To be the best, learn from the best.
That's what it means to be a Ruby Girl
North Hollywood
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