Success Stories


Carmela is a Pro Beauty Grad from our Temple City campus from 2011. Back at that time, TC was the only campus and both Ruby and Trish both worked on site. Carmela quickly became friends with both of them and was on their speed dial for every internship. She took those opportunities and spun her own success story.

Carmela has been granted the Ruby Girl of the Year Award for 2013 and 2014 for her outstanding success and achievement as a makeup artist.
2014 was a big year for Carmela:

- She was one of the makeup artists working the red carpet at the Oscar’s, touching up all the celebs before they stepped up to the camera to be interviewed.

- She had the privilege of doing the makeup for Samuel Jackson at a private event.

- She was one of the makeup artists on set for the movie, Light Girls, which will debut on the Oprah network in February 2015. On that set she had the pleasure of working on the beautiful Amber Rose.

- She also had the great honor of being chosen to work the Essence Awards 2014.

2014 was a busy and successful year for Carmela. We are so honored and blessed to call her a Ruby Girl.

Iris Esmeralda Romero

Iris attended and graduated from Ruby Makeup Academy Temple City location. She was taught and endlessly inspired by the amazing Brenda Monique and Nicole Faulkner (@Lipsticknick_) during her 11 week Artistry (Probeauty) course. During this time she focused on her talents from bridal to avant-garde.

While gaining experience and expanding her portfolio she has also worked in film, music videos, photo-shoots and other types of environments. In the past 2 years after graduating she has accomplished so much and has even worked with YouTube sensation and American Idol contestant Todrick Hall, “The Mentalist” actor Rockmond Dunbar, Grammy Award Winning Mexican-American Band “La Santa Cecilia” to name a few!
She also has had work featured in Muscle & Fitness Magazine, Dimes and Hustlers, Krave Magazine and Male Model Scene. She was also listed as the Key Makeup Artist for J.Cloud Productions for an LGBT Pilot Series “Love, Lust and Heart Break”, Gang Reduction and Youth Development Program graduating class, W.T.F. Productions “Mary Poppin’ Dem Pill’s” Music Video, and many others.

Iris is currently working with “XMB Modeling Agency”, which recently branched out to Los Angeles; they are based out of Las Vegas, Miami and New York. They focus on forms of modeling such as Eye candy, Artistic and High Fashion. While all of this is keeping her very busy Iris is also focusing on freelancing, building clientele, networking, and creating different concepts for her portfolio!

Congrats Iris!

Erica Medina

Ms. Medina was hired to work on the set of The Car Show with Adam Corolla immediately after graduation. This is a TV show on the Speed Channel. Erica contributes her success to hard work and determination.

After spending her life in customer service jobs, Erica was immediately picked up by the Car Show because of the hustle, compassion, and genuine interest she has in helping others. She was originally sent to The Car Show as part of a rotating team of Interns on the set. After meeting Erica, the producers called us and said they wanted to hire Erica to shoot the entire season with them!
As we know, hard work and persistence does pay off. Erica shows up to all the networking and social events hosted by the Ruby Academy. She makes sure that she is always at the right place at the right time! She was picked to represent the Academy as part of a team that was sent to the 63rd Annual Emmy Awards!

Most recently she had the great pleasure of doing a photo shoot with Timon Kyle Durrett from VH1s Single Ladies. She spent the day shooting with him for the launch of the new online magazine: My Other Man. After she finished her Character class, she had a job offer waiting on the filming of a new horror flick!

Deborah Sanchez Smith

Mrs. Smith is a graduate of both the Pro Beauty Makeup and the Character Class. Additionally she does hair. In this business it's all about cross-selling your services and being able to provide 1-stop-shop to you clients. When it comes down to it, people want to hire a professional that is able to do a little bit of everything.
Deb's greatest hits list plays like this:
Key Makeup Artist for the 63rd Emmy Awards, FHM Magazine, Maxim Magazine

Joseph Rios'

Ruby Boy Joseph Rios' makeup artistry career took off as soon as he graduated. Starting with internships at trade shows and small events, Joseph has worked himself up to working at LA Fashion Week, various fashion shows, celebrity parties, and exclusive Playboy events.

Joseph continues to pursue work in the entertainment industry and has plans to be flown out to international Playboy events in the near future. We are proud of Joseph’s success and talent!

Judith Paredes

Ruby Graduate Judith Paredes has been a star makeup artist from the time she enrolled in our school. She has pursued her work with a passion and created a very impressive portfolio that includes work with celebrities such as Mickey Avalon, Jenna Bentley, Black Market, the Bukanas de Culiacan, Playboy Playmates, Miss USA, and many more. Judith’s makeup has been published in Skinnie Magazine and she has also made the cover of L.A. Yoga magazine. Her work in television and film includes 12 Corazones, various Nickelodeon programs, as well as independent films. Judith continues to work hard in the industry, and the Ruby family is extremely proud of her success.

Irving Flores

Irving graduated in 2009. He immediately jumped into all the internships available to start developing his network and list of contacts.

As a result of his hard work and talent, Irving ended up being hired on the set of popular Latino Television show, 12 Corazones. His most recent credits include having his work published in Skinnie Magazine and Maxim Mexico.

Irving is living proof that hard work, dedication and persistence pays off!

Estella Ornelas

After taking first place in the fantasy competition for her graduating class, Estella set out to become a Hollywood makeup artist and knew that the internships would be key to her success.

After just one internship with photographer Jesse DeLeon, she became his first pick whenever he needs a makeup artist on set. Most recently she had the great fortune to have her work published on the cover of Beer Magazine.

Brenda Orduno

Brenda's recent credits include:

Stev-O from the Jack Ass movie. Brenda spent a day with Stev-0 and photographer Michael Vincent to produce the cover photo for Skinnie Magazine and the jacket photo for Stev-O's upcoming book tour.
Playboy Playmate, Jenna Bentley. Brenda's work with Jenna was featured on a billboard ad campaign that ran throughout Los Angeles for the Ruby Makeup Academy.
Swim suit photo shoot with Super Model, Pam Rodriguez. We are proud to say that Brenda ultimately became an Instructor at the Ruby Makeup Academy. Now she spends her nights and weekends sharing her passion, knowledge and insights with the future makeup artists of America!
As a makeup artist, you have the power to make people feel confident and beautiful. You have the power to transform what beauty means. To transform lives.
And here's the best part. It will transform your life as well.
Work with Hollywood stars, or create a Hollywood monster
Work for a Magazine, a TV Show or Fashion Week from LA to NYC
Build your own business or be an Instagram celebrity
Be a role model, be wealthy, give back. Pay it forward. The possibilities are truly limitless.
A beautiful you. A beautiful life.
To be the best, learn from the best.
That's what it means to be a Ruby Girl
North Hollywood
(818) 980-7829