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Ruby Polanco reinvents her career to launch the successful Ruby Makeup Academy

Ruby Polanco is the Founder and CEO of Ruby Makeup Academy. Coming from humble beginnings she is a perfect example on how to re-invent yourself and your career when life gives you lemons.
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Ruby Polanco, President of the Ruby Makeup Academy
…Beauty is her Business!

January 2016 (LOS ANGELES) - Ruby Polanco is the inspiring and dynamic, President and Founder of the Ruby Makeup Academy. Incorporated in January 2006, the Ruby Makeup Academy, serving four locations throughout Southern California, offers courses in beauty, fashion and special effects makeup designed for individuals seeking careers in the makeup industry.
MUA Ruby Polanco gives tips on how to do your makeup sexily, for work and play.

Makeup Artist Ruby Polanco has been wowing the beauty world with her cosmetic stylings for 11 years. As president of the Ruby Makeup Academy, she has painted the faces of celebs such as Chaka Khan, and her work has been featured on numerous magazine covers. She gave sheen instructions on how to create sexy makeup looks that can carry you from the office to the evening.
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Ruby Polanco, la hondureña millonaria del maquillaje en EUA

ESTADOS UNIDOS. “Mi madre y yo nos mudamos de Honduras cuando tenía 12. Ella pensó que iba a ser una sirvienta exitosa porque podía hablar Inglés”, cuenta sonriendo Ruby Polanco, Presidente y Fundadora de la Ruby Makeup Academy.

“Mi personalidad simplemente no me deja parar allí, porque tenía demasiada ambición. Eso es lo que me trajo aquí, la ambición de aprender y aprender y aprender. Ese es el truco.”   leer más ...
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