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Today's job was way out of my comfort zone but I challenged myself and I did it! The best part is I had a blast doing it! Thanks  Ruby Makeup Academy for the opportunity and Ruby Polanco for pushing me more when I'm scared.

Makeup by SunnyG
Graduate at Ruby Makeup Academy

Hi Lovebuggs!

Back in 2012 I attended IMATS Los Angeles for the first time and I fell in love. Not only did I attend to do a little makeup shopping but I also wanted to check out the schools. At the time i was still attending college so I wasn't able to attend another school. While I was browsing around I noticed this big sign that said Ruby Makeup Academy.
How could that not catch my attention it had my name all over it lol. I went over to check them out and I was in another world. The artist were amazing, talented, and so nice. I must say I was pretty bummed out because I really wanted to go to this makeup school, I felt it was right for me.
I graduated college a few months later and I just wasn't happy with what I was doing, deep down I knew I was ment to be a makeup artist. I did more research on Ruby Makeup Academy and I ended up going their open house in North Hollywood which is one of their 3 locations (North Hollywood, Temple City, and Upland)

I met with my lovely counselor Jacqueline who is such a sweetheart. She went into detail on all the programs that Ruby Makeup Academy had and I just fell in love once again. I started with the Professional Makeup Artistry program but that isn't the only program they offer. They also have programs like:

    • Character
    • FX
    • Face and Body Paint
    • Hair Design
    • Airbrush

Of course my next step is to take the rest of the classes because I think a makeup artist should be able to do it all in the beauty industry.

As stated on the Ruby Makeup Academy Website: "Our goal is for every graduate to leave the program with confidence in their skills, ready for the real world of makeup artistry"

To top it off they offer amazing internships to Ruby Graduates that will open a lot of doors for you and it gets your foot in the door to work with amazing artists in the industry.
I can honestly say that Ruby Makeup Academy is the best school. I have no regrets nor complaints about them. The staff and instructors are the best. We are all like family, Ruby Girls and Ruby Boys Rock!

If you want to know more about Ruby Makeup Academy go to their website and check out their classes you can also set up an appointment at any of the campuses near you to take a tour.

Lastly, Id like to thank Ruby Polanco, President of Ruby Makeup Academy for allowing me to do this Review about her amazing school, team, and great programs!

Love you guys I most of you become Ruby Girls and Ruby Boys!!!

Rubyy Rose

Carolina Angie Herrera's makeup artistry work was published in the FSHN Magazine.

My name is Angie Carolina, and I am a proud graduate of Ruby Makeup Academy.

I successfully completed their professional beauty program in Jan 2014. Before I signed up, I did a lot of research, looked at different schools, and found that Ruby Makeup Academy was the best school for me, and as it turns out, I was right.

I had a wonderful learning experience at Ruby Makeup Academy. it began with my counselor, Alexis. Alexis walked me through everything! She was knowledgeable, friendly, and answered all the questions I had. (And I had plenty)

I enjoyed being in the classroom meeting new people sharing the same passion. My instructor was Brenda. I was inspired & motivated by her. (To this day I can reach out to her with questions I have and she guides me through)

I loved every minute of my time spent at Ruby Makeup Academy. On days I didn’t have a class I would go to school and practice different techniques we learned that week in the class, this was helpful because there was always an instructor or aide ready to help with any looks, techniques or questions I would have.
Since I have graduated, I’ve had the privilege of being part of some RMA internships; I’ve also been a part of some runway shows and photo-shoots. The best part of my work has been published in magazines.

I am 100% satisfied I chose Ruby Makeup Academy. I am already enrolled in their airbrush class, and later their hair design class.

Please feel free to follow me through my journey on Instagram
AngieC_Artistry or Shadez_of_Beauty.

Carolina Angie Herrera

The instructors are amazing! I've learned so much especially with highlights and contouring! Hanans an awesome counselor too! She advised me about all the courses I needed, she helped me with payment plans, worked with my credit, go to her, she always adds extras and helps get you internship to work with Ruby, the owner on sets and makes sure you're well taken care of and your experience is perfect! Just walk in and you won’t be disappointed.

Su L.- Ontario, Ca

My experience at Ruby Makeup Academy was amazing. It was so much fun, and I learned so many new things.  Some things were very new to me, but that was the beauty of it .It taught me to be open minded and try my best to succeed in everything I set my mind to.

It was very helpful to know that my instructors were always present to guide me in the right direction. My life completely changed, because of Ruby Makeup Academy. I am now doing my life- long dream, which is being a Professional Makeup Artist. I gained so many wonderful opportunities like working on professional photo shoots, working with famous Makeup Artists, working with Celebrities, and also working in Fashion Shows, and most importantly it has gave me the opportunity to get my work known. Although it’s just the beginning of a new chapter in my life, I cannot wait for what the future has in store for me.

I can tell you by saying I don't like this school, I LOVE it! What I loved about this school was the help and the interest the teachers have in us. They make us feel part of their family. The teachers don't give up on you. They keep helping you so you can be successful. The internships are so amazing. You get to know and work with so many people. I will recommend anyone who loves to network and do makeup!

Betty Aranda

The fast-paced 5 day "make-up bootcamp" definitely exceeded my expectations. I am so happy I chose to attend this school. The Ruby girls are so friendly, knowledgeable, and professional!!! Thank you all so much! I had a great time & see you soon!

Adriana Rossil

I've been a student since August and I absolutely "LOOOOOOVE IT!!!" Let me tell you something, I did my homework for a while and I'm so lucky to have found this outstanding makeup academy. I've learned so much from this amazing course that I can't believe that I actually thought that I did good makeup before! Yes it looked nice, but nothing compared to how I apply makeup today.

You'll learn everything that you need to know, so if you or anyone you know that's interested in becoming a Makeup Artist, TRUST ME that Ruby's is what you need. First thing that you need to do is ------> "LIKE" their FB page and then give them a call, I guarantee that you'll be happy.
Not only will you be happy with the program, but the staff is "AMAZING!!!!" Ruby Polanco, the founder of the school is so talented that I can actually say that it's an honor to learn from the best, and to mention just a few of the many people that are amazing as well, Brenda Orduno, Joel Morales Mua, Adriana Rossil, Sean Harris Makeup are a few of the many wonderful & talented Makeup Artists/Instructors at Ruby's.

Trish Grimes, America Martinez Perez, Hannan, Veronica, Daisy, and many many more of the wonderful staff members. There are several locations....Hollywood, Temple City, Ontario, and Upland ( that's where I go), and still growing!!! :)))

Lubna Yazouri

Hi Trish, I wanted to thank you for sending us Yvette & Lori for the "Transformations" reality docu-soap pilot shoot. Both were great and able to move on their feet in any setting!

Day 1- Yvette oversaw makeup for the main character, his patient, friend interview as well as doctors (male & female) at a hospital setting.
Day 2- Lori oversaw makeup for the main character and his patients at a location in Malibu
Day 3- Lori oversaw makeup for the main character and his main patient at an ultra light outdoor location as well formal sit down interviews and the show open shot in a famous celebrity office.
I would definitely recommend both and hope to work with them in the future.
All the Best, Jennifer Hutchins, Producer

I attend Ruby Make up Academy in Ontario, Ca. I absolutely love this school. I have learned so much. After the first day I was invited to The Mike Scott Mansion in Beverly Hills and had the best time. Then I was able to go to LA Fashion week to put make up on the runway models. You meet fabulous people and have so much fun making them beautiful. The Ruby girls are awesome too.

Thank you Ruby, Trish, Dena and Yanira. I tell everyone up here in Hesperia. If I have to work for 15 more years it's going to be fun. I want to do all Ruby's classes they have so much to offer and are the only ones to have 40 hours of internship. Thank you all.

Lori Sellers - Hesperia, Ca

I never dreamed my life could change so fast! Within days I was actually interning at Fashion Week! This is one of the most exciting things I have ever attempted and I am determined to be successful at it. I believe Ruby Makeup Academy is giving me the tools I need to become a successful makeup artist.

What I have learned in the classroom has far surpassed my expectations. The instructors are wonderful (so far I have had Ruby and Liz Mendoza). The instructors are actual working Makeup Artists that bring their own style, knowledge and expertise to the classroom. They actually take the time to make sure us students understand what we are doing and that we are doing it correctly. I am looking forward to doing great things with my career. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Vanessa Pruitt aka Devious Ness

Just wanted to share that I landed a job with MAC as a freelancer, and I just graduated June 8th, 2013 (from Ruby Makeup Academy). I'm very proud to be a Ruby girl and I'm glad I had the opportunity to go to Ruby Makeup Academy! It really gave me the confidence I needed to finally take my resume in.

Ruby's school really taught and showed me new things that I feel I didn't know, especially the business part of being a makeup artist. Just want to say thank you and maybe this might be a little encouragement to other Ruby girls/guys, to let them know that it is possible. This is just a start and I look forward to the future and what it has to bring. Have a great day!

I would like to thank Ruby Makeup Academy for this wonderful opportunity and I just want to say that I’m proud to be a Ruby Girl! THANK YOU!

Jessica Rivera
North Hollywood
(818) 980-7829