History And Mission Statement

Ruby Polanco launched Ruby Makeup Academy in 2006 with the dream of helping her students reach their makeup artistry goals. She set out to provide a well-rounded education that graduates could take and really use in the beauty industry.

Ruby believes in bringing on instructors and staff that have a true love for the industry, so that they may provide the absolute best experience for students, giving them a support system that provides wisdom,  advice and guidance about the industry. The  happiness and success of  students and graduates has been, and always will be, Ruby’s priority.
Utilizing the connections she made in the entertainment, beauty industry, and fashion industry, Ruby has built an outstanding internship program for Graduates equipped with their onsite and offsite makeup training have the doors opened for them. Ruby Makeup Academy is consistently expanding to advance the training for thousands of interested makeup artistry students.

Ruby Makeup Academy has two locations in Southern California.

Mission Statement

"Ruby Makeup Academy is a company with the heart and passion to change lives. We believe within every person is the power, passion and potential to be, have, or create whatever they want. Our mission is to help them live it... Starting with you!"

Ruby Polanco - Makeup Artist and President of Ruby Makeup Academy
North Hollywood
(818) 980-7829