Helpful Tips in Choosing a Makeup School

The first thing that you need to do is be clear on what you want to do with this makeup class: WHY do you want to do makeup?

- Do you want to do makeup for your own benefits, for fun?
- Do you want to be a makeup artist in Hollywood?
- Do you want to focus on weddings, prom and/or Quinceanera’s?

These questions are very important; as they will help you decide what school to go to based on your answers.

Do your homework: Research at least 3 schools. This will give you a better understanding on what is out there for you.
As you are looking for the right school, ask yourself: What is most important to you? Price? Quality of the program? Convenience? Reputation and experience of the teachers? Do they offer an internship program?
Job Placement? Assistance with your career, resume, portfolio?
Make an appointment to visit at least 3 schools in order to compare and choose the right school.
Does the facility have the right tools, products, books, material and experienced teachers to give you the best experience while you are in the program?
When you meet your admissions counselor, have a list of questions to ask.

1.  Ask questions about the experience of the teachers.
2.  How long has the school been in business?
3.  Can you meet with a teacher and ask questions?
4.  Can you visit one of the classes to check it out before you commit?
5.  If allowed to visit a class, can you talk to the actual students about the program and teachers?
6.  Do they offer a program that lets you repeat classes?
7.  What text book do they use in class?
8.  Any free continuing education?
9.  What kind of internships do they offer?
10. Any success stories of their graduates?
11. What do you get in the kit?
12. Do they offer financing?
13. Do they offer lab hours for you to practice?
14. Do they offer night classes? Weekend classes?  Weekday classes?  Morning or evening?
15. Is the school committed to your success?

All these questions will help you understand the programs and the schools you are considering. Visiting the school also helps you to meet the people you will be working with once you enroll. Are they friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and do you want to be part of this school?
Having the right support, connection and continuing education from your school will make a big difference in your career.

Good luck finding the right school and I look forward to seeing you in class!
As a makeup artist, you have the power to make people feel confident and beautiful. You have the power to transform what beauty means. To transform lives.
And here's the best part. It will transform your life as well.
Work with Hollywood stars, or create a Hollywood monster
Work for a Magazine, a TV Show or Fashion Week from LA to NYC
Build your own business or be an Instagram celebrity
Be a role model, be wealthy, give back. Pay it forward. The possibilities are truly limitless.
A beautiful you. A beautiful life.
To be the best, learn from the best.
That's what it means to be a Ruby Girl
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