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"When my mother and I moved from Honduras, I was 12. She thought I was going to be a wildly successful housekeeper because I could speak English," laughing. "My personality just didn't let me stop there. Not because I was too good for it, but because I had too much ambition. That's what got me here, an ambition to learn and learn and learn.  That's the trick."

As a child, Ruby was never taught to dream big.  And for a long time shedidn't. But what she did do was commit herself to her improvement. Even as a single mother at the age of seventeen, Ruby didn't stop climbing. Her wealth of knowledge continued to grow by the day, and with it her hopes and dreams.

In 2014 & 2015 Ruby was listed by INC Magazine on their list of fastest growing companies in America. Ruby has worked with dozens of magazines and celebrities on TV shows, music videos, and runway fashion shows. Her work has appeared in FHM, Maxim, Sheen and New Beauty magazines and many others. In addition to Inc., Ruby has also been featured in Alegria magazine and Diversity Journal. She's worked closely with Wiz Khalifa, Wale, Shaquille O'Neal, Steve-o, Ru Paul, and Rockmond Dunbar just to name a few celebrities.

"The point is, I'm not successful just because I got a bachelor's degree and some certifications. I am successful because I found my passion and devote myself to just that."

That hunger to learn and experience the world is why Ruby's business is one of America's fastest growing private companies. In other words, her story is the American dream, done right!
In 2015 INC Magazine named Ruby to these lists of ground breaking female entrepreneurs:

Trish Grimes makes running a business an absolute breeze with her proprietary strategies and systems for success. For over 20 years in Corporate America she is best known for creating a multi-million dollar enterprise as CFO & Vice President of Ruby Studios, Inc., and Ruby Makeup Academy - an INC. 500/5000 Company, and one of the largest makeup schools in the World.

Thanks to her ingenuity, creating an ideal corporate culture, and producing a raving fan base of superstar employees known as Ruby Girls. Her raw, no frills, no fluff approach is well respected and easily implemented in American business. She brings honesty, integrity and real life experience to the boardroom. She knows what it takes to build a profitable brand, create a successful and memorable image, and build a solid team of superstar employees that breed success, productivity and enthusiasm in a highly competitive marketplace.

Her personal and professional experiences - knowing what works well and what does not ¬- mixed with her savvy, ambitious personality simply compliments her formal education and specialty training; especially behind the scenes of any business.
Trish Grimes, CPSC earned her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from California State University San Bernardino, and graduated from the Success Coach Institute as a Certified Professional Success Coach.

"Ruby Makeup Academy is a company with the heart and passion to change lives. We believe within every person is the power, passion and potential to be, have, or create whatever they want. Our mission is to help them live it... Starting with you!"
Ruby Polanco - Makeup Artist and President of Ruby Makeup Academy
The 50 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Private Companies in America
The 10 Fastest-Growing Women-Led Private Companies in Los Angeles
Available on Amazon.com Paperback - October 5, 2016
by Trish Grimes (Author), Sterling Publishing Group (Author), Jodi Nicholson (Editor)

Trish Grimes makes HIRING SUPERSTARS an absolute breeze with her proprietary strategies and easy step-by-step system for success. As the Vice President & CFO of a multi-million dollar business and with over 20 years in Corporate America, you’ll learn TG’s Hot Tips and the Secret Formula for Screening Success that she’s implemented at Ruby Makeup Academy, an INC 500/5000 company and one of the largest makeup schools in the World.

Thanks to her ingenuity, ideal corporate culture, and a raving fan base of superstar employees known as Ruby Girls, Trish strictly hires the best of the best and now you can too!
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By Chelsea Alva on October 25, 2016
This book is a huge hit and so helpful with the growth of my business. I am so grateful to have met Trish and be able to take This book away from our face-to-face meetings and have something tangible to build my success with. Without a doubt, you will be inspired and have a working guide to build your superstar team!
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